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Lithium-ion Bull


Blue Sky in Green Fields

Lithium-ion Bull™ is a periodic commentary about companies supplying lithium and other raw materials that will meet the disruptive demand from widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles

and Utility Storage.


Lithium-ion Bull™ and Lithium-ion Rocks!™ evolved from and complement Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper’s advisory, research, investment and investor outreach since 2009 on behalf of developers of lithium-ion battery raw material projects in North America, South America, Europe and Australia.

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In addition to co-hosting the Lithium-ion Rocks! podcast, Rodney regularly publishes articles and provides clients with advice about topics important to the lithium industry and specific company research.


As the industry evolves Rodney will look to utilize his 25+ years of derivative expertise to assist in the transformation of lithium raw material and chemical sales process away from private contracts and the spot market to an exchange-traded platform. 

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The growth in the lithium specialty chemicals industry is accelerating -- 15-20%+ CAGR as far as the eye can see -- some 5-7 times as fast as GDP growth.


An unprecedented demand shock has caught the original “Big 3” lithium oligopolists off guard while two Chinese producers have quietly emerged as meaningful players. All are responding in force, in their own ways, through aggressive supply expansions, joint ventures, off-take partnerships and acquisitions.


As supply struggles to keep up, tight markets and elevated prices are expected to remain so for quite some time to incentivize new supply, ensuring high margins for existing producers and rich potential rewards from discovering, at an early stage, new low cost, high margin emerging lithium producers.



Lithium-ion Rocks!™ is a podcast from co-hosts Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper which augments and brings to life the pair's respective writings on LinkedIn and the Lithium-ion Bull blogletter.


Lithium-ion Rocks! focuses on fundamental equity analysis and includes interviews with C-suite executives, industry analysts and Wall Street investors.




Authored by Howard Klein since 2017 from Paul Simon’s Forest Hills, Queens, the Lithium-ion Bull™ seeks to tell unique stories in unique ways about existing and aspiring lithium unique-orns.


Lithium-ion Bull narratives reflect real-time industry and company analysis seen through a Globalist prism formed from Michigan Wolverine Economics, post-Cold War Eastern Europe & Value Investing a la Columbia Business School.


Written from the Bull’s Lair man-cave, Lithium-ion Bull musings are also inspired by Who Are You, Gen-X mid-life crises, parenting teen and tween boys geographically proximate, but miles and miles and miles away from his own late 1980’s MTV teenage wasteland years in Long Island, NY.

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Lithium-ion Bull and Lithium-ion Rocks! see a Jetsons-like future and seek to share insights and build community with a fast-growing global audience of like-minded, self-directed “Jane & George Battery Pack™” stock pickers capable of doing their own research; long-term investors who have identified, at an early stage, an exciting thematic rich with Growth, Value and Public Venture Capital investment propositions.

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