Lithium Ion Rocks


Lithium-ion Rocks! is a podcast from co-hosts Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper which

augments and brings to life the pair's

respective writings on LinkedIn and

the Lithium-ion Bull blogletter.


Lithium-ion Rocks! focuses on fundamental equity analysis and includes interviews with C-suite executives, industry analysts and Wall Street investors.

Some of our guests include

Luke Kissam, CEO of Albemarle

Ken Brinsden, CEO of Pilbara Minerals

James Brown, CEO of Altura Mining

James Calaway, Chairman of ioneer and ex-Chairman of Orocobre

Peter Secker, CEO of Bacanora

Keith Phillips, CEO of Piedmont Lithium

Peter Campbell, Financial Times Auto Correspondent

Robbie Diamond, CEO of SAFE – Securing America’s Energy Future.

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